atkins frozen meals

atkins frozen meals

Atkins Frozen Meals I received my consignment from Atkins frozen meals last Friday. As I had already planned my dinner, I could not try my first one before the next night.

I would like to start by saying that I would really like these relationships to exist since I started my weight loss journey.

At that time, I had not become a real Nazi in the field of food, and that would have been very useful for lunches in the office.

It’s really convenient when you do not have time to cook or prepare. Let me also tell you that now that I’m eating away to eat Paleo, it will never make a regular appearance on my menu. There are too many questionable ingredients.

Even if you can do without the dairy (I occasionally throw cheese and butter is a staple in my diet), each of those stinking meals had soy. See the list of ingredients below. Beef merlot even contains wheat, which means that gluten is a terrible substance.

Atkins frozen meals

Now let’s be fair. Atkins¬†frozen meals never claimed to be too pale or too concerned about eating only real whole foods. They talk about the benefits of their literature, but all their products contain questionable elements.

I have highlighted the most obvious ones in the ingredients above, but there are others too. My general rule is that if I can not pronounce the part, it’s probably a scientific experiment that I do not want to see enter my body.

The other, less obvious problem is that they had to use conventional meat to make the price affordable. This means narrow cages for poultry and CAFO feedlots for beef.

It also means a lot of omega-6 in addition to the seed oils they have incorporated into the mix. That said, Atkins frozen meals has done a great job of improving the diet of millions of people by making things easier.

Let’s not kid ourselves … Eating an ancestral diet with little or no prepackaged food can be daunting and challenging. These products would be useful in any situation.

I even saw myself eating one (not the beef merlot … Hello the evil gluten) if I was traveling and the only thing I had to cook was the microwave in my hotel room. So, with the wrong side of the road, let’s talk about each meal and its taste.

Beef Merlot

We will first discuss fantasy and reality. Imagination is what the box said the meal would look like and what it looks like.

Again, let’s be fair to have you ever eaten a TV dinner where the end result looked like the box? I do not think so. So here’s what the box looks like and what it really looks like out of the microwave:

Look at the difference? Anyway, to taste. Broccoli was a little soft. I prefer mine more crispy, but it had a good flavor. The meat was exceptionally wet.

It seems that they have chosen more fat cuts, so if you do not like the feeling of fat in your mouth, do not buy this one. However, I prefer a lot of fat in my meat.

That’s why ribeye is my favorite steak. Plus, the fat in the meat helps you stay full longer. So the chicken was delicious. The sauce was to die for. You will see that it is a theme in every meal I have tried.

They really did an excellent job on the taste of sauces. It was rich and creamy and had a lot of flavors.

Bottom line: delicious, but be prepared for gluten exposure. It’s the meal that had the wheat of the soy sauce.

Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

It was probably my favorite of the three. I know, I know, he has dairy products. To move on. It also has soybean oils and seeds.

As I said, if these things are important to you (and they should be), do not make these people a regular part of your menu.

Invite them to an evening where the two kids have activities, and you simply do not have time to cook or you have not thought about it before, and you forgot to prepare the roast dish you had planned to put in the slow cooker Ugh!). Anyway, here is the comparison between the box and reality.

The broccoli of this meal was on the spot. The perfect balance between cooked and crispy. One of my concerns with eating a frozen chicken dinner was the chicken being dry. I hate. Dry.

Chicken. Just about every frozen chicken dinner I’ve ever eaten has dry chicken. This one was wet and delicious. I can not go crazy over the chicken.

The sauce was also fantastic. I mean, this is the kind of fantasy you need to make sure you eat this one alone because you’re going to see how long your tongue is when you try to stick it in every crevice of the dish to lick the delicious goodness. Do not let your children see you do this if your goal as a parent is to set an example.

Bottom line: delicious!

Roast Turkey with Pan Gravy

As you can see, like the other models, the presentation is somewhat different. Never mind. It was another excellent surprise in the meat. Very humid and tender.

At Thanksgiving, the only meat I will eat is brown because the white meat is too dry for me. This meat was not dry at all. The green beans were delicious, but I thought they needed salt.

That says a lot for me because I rarely add salt. Just not a very salty guy. The sauce was pretty amazing. Better than many of the traditional sauces I have prepared at home. The flavor profile of it reminded me a lot of Thanksgiving.

Bottom Line: Another winner!

Well, that’s it. If you want to get on the road to health by reducing your intake of refined carbohydrates, that would be an excellent first step.

As I mentioned, they are not ideal, but maybe Atkins frozen meals will be for you what it was for me. A tool to lose a lot of weight that led me to eat an optimal ancestral diet.

If so, these guys, along with many other flavors, will be on sale of¬†Atkins frozen meals across the country on December 15, 2012. They will meet at many different retailers after the start of the year. The somewhat right timing for all these New Year’s resolutions, huh?


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