Top 9 Best Room Heaters In India 2019 (This Winters)

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You all know winter is coming and in some parts of the country winter already started. So the demand for Best Room Heaters increases in the winter season. At night time we can feel cold and AC and Air Cool fans have been switch off. So because of winter and huge demand for Best Room Heaters in India, we have researched the top 9 best room heaters in India.

9 Best Room Heaters In India

These are the best room heaters in India we have researched for you. Ranging from High end to mid and low range according to your requirement and capacity of your room.



If you have a small or mid-size room with not more than 240 sq. ft area, then this is the best room heaters in India and also best for you which is available right now in the amazon market place. Built very strong and sturdy room heater will keep your room warm. With an inbuilt fan, it will spread hot air every corner of the room.

This product comes with a standard warranty of 1 year. You can also adjust the temperature of the ORPAT OEH-1220 FAN ROOM HEATER. You can also increase or decrease the temperature of the room heater with the help of the knob.

This room heater comes with the following features which will give an idea before buying it:

  • It has two settings of watts and they are 1000watts and 2000 watts.
  • It Consumes 2000 watts power consumption.
  • Size is small and very lightweight to carry anywhere.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It comes with ISI approved.
  • cold-to-touch exterior due to non-sagging.

Now for added safety reasons, you should switch off the room heater after some time. Because the coil uses oxygen to produce heat in room and oxygen becomes less in the room. So you may feel suffocated if windows and doors are closed.



best room heater in india

Havells OFR 9 Fin PTC Fan Room Heater is the second-best room heaters in India. Now if you are looking for safe and efficient heating without any noise then Havells OFR 9 Fin PTC Fan Room Heater is best for you. It has a heat control setting of 1000/1500/2000 according to room sizes.

It is protected with overheat safety protection that prevents the appliance from getting damaged easily. The thermostatic heat up your room very fastly so that you remain warm inside your room. It weighs around 14.4 kgs which might be heavy in comparison with other best room heaters in india.

It has auto cut off function which based on temperature which you have set. The length of the cord is 5ft approx with a cord storage compartment. It comes with three different power heating with different power wattage where you can save energy according to your room.

Now if you want a room heater which can be easily moved from one room to another then Havells OFR 9 Fin PTC Fan Room Heater comes with castor wheels which makes it easy to move anywhere around the room.

This room heater comes with the following features which will give an idea before buying it:

  • Power consumption is 2400 watts.
  • It comes with overheat protection and tilts over switch for safety purposes.
  • Silent to use
  • No fear of Fire or damage like other room heaters.
  • Lessor no maintenance cost required.
  • Rear safety cover.
  • It comes with a Standard 1year warranty.

This Havells OFR – 9Fin 2400-Watt PTC Fan Heater is suitable for all ages of people whether they are young, kids, or aged persons. Because it does not create suffocation inside the room where all the doors or windows are closed. As it does not depletes the oxygen level hence making room suffocation free.


3). Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Room Heater

Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Room Heater

Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Room Heater is a third-best room heaters in India means for spot heating. It weighs around 3.75 kgs. It consists of thermostats that are required to maintain the temperature by tweaking the required power. Due to less weight, it is very handy and can be carried from one room to another easily.

Its grille material has plastic and body material of the Bajaj blow hot fan room heater has abs which have a high impact on toughness and its resistance. The outer body is built with the stove-enameled MS sheet. The front panel has a grill with the company logo of Bajaj with three switches.

If you want only air like in summer then you can use turn ON/OFF Switch will only give you air. No heating will be passed. The rest two switches are for heating purposes which will give you warm air. One switch will give you warm air (1000 W) and other switches will give hot air (2000 W). There is a clear indication of the switch of Warm, Hot, and On/Off.

The Bajaj Heater operation fan is noiseless that you will not feel any room heater is there in your room only with warm or hot air inside the room. Letting you sleep easily and cozy without any noise. You can also adjust the height according to your requirements.

The best feature about Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Room Heater is it automatically turns on when room temperature becomes normal. It also comes with thermal cut off switch which prevents overheating if the thermostat fails due to some reason.

This room heater comes with the following features which will give an idea before buying it:

  • 2 heat setting 1000 Watts and 2000 Watts.
  • Compact Design with built-in Handle.
  • You can adjust the thermostat according to your suitable temperature.
  • You can also use this as a fan in the summer or monsoon season.
  • It comes with a standard 2-year warranty.

It comes with a 3 pin power cord and 16 A current. There is also a stand that lets the heater airflow upward or downward according to airflow.


Best PTC Fan Heater In India

4) Havells Calido – Gold – 2000W, PTC Fan Heater (White & Gold)

Havells Calido - Gold - 2000W, PTC Fan Heate

Havells Calido – Gold – 2000W, PTC Fan Heater is 4th best room heaters in India right now. When it’s bitter cold outside and you want to get cozy or warm in your room then don’t look anywhere and simply go with Havells Calido PTC heater for extra comfort and warmth.

It only weighs 3kgs which is easy to carry from one room to another without any problem. Bring this room heater for your home this winter. It is made up of a plastic body that is durable and long-lasting. Plastic is used of high quality with tough, corrosion & chemical resistant.

In build thermostat which helps to regulate the temperature accordingly, with air-filled control tubes. These air-filled control tubes respond to pressure which activates heating when it’s needed. It also has a red light indicator which indicates if the heater is ON/OFF. When Red Light is ON it means the heater is on. And when it switched OFF it means the Heater is OFF.

As I said earlier it weights only 3kg and easy to carry so if you are going at chilly places or at mountain areas then simply pack this and take it to high altitudes with you without any problem. You can also plug in all power socket with built-in AC power plugs.

This room heater comes with the following features which will give an idea before buying it:

  • Comes with 2 color variants White and Gold
  • Powers 2000 W
  • Weights 2.87 KG
  • Plastic Body
  • It comes with 1 year Standard On-Site Warranty.


5). Usha Fan Heater (1212 PTC) 1500 Watt with Adjustable Thermostat Room Heater

Usha Fan Heater (1212 PTC)

Usha Fan Heater (1212 PTC) 1500 Watt room heater is a fifth-best room heaters in India. With the usage of 1500 watt will maintain your room temperature warm and cozy all night or day long. This room heater can cover up to room size of 150 sq.ft with a fan heater running at a low power of 900 Watts and high power of 1500 Watts respectively.

If you are looking to warm your room instantly then it will be your best buy. It comes with 2 stage safety for heating protection against overheating of Usha Fan Heater. Best for those who don’t waste energy because this heater comes with two heating elements that save energy very well.

It adjusts the temperature automatically as per your requirement by temperature controlling knob. It also maintains the temperature by switching ON/OFF the heater when the temperature reaches automatically. You can use this heater in a closed room because it does not burn or lower down any oxygen level which is safe to use continuously.

It comes with a one-year standard warranty. It has a 2-meter long power cord. It also has Fire Retardant Strong ABS Housing.

This room heater comes with the following features which will give an idea before buying it:

  • It comes with One Year Standard Warranty.
  • BIS Approved.
  • Lightweight And easy to carry anywhere.
  • Strong Build.
  • Run time is not high
  • Makes room warm instantly in 10-15 mins.


Best Radiant Heater In India

6). Bajaj Minor 1000-Watt room Heater

Bajaj Minor 1000-Watt Room Heater

Bajaj Minor Room Heater is a sixth-best room heaters in India right now. This is used for personal usage where you have a small room and you want to heat your room for less period of time. It consumes very little power/electricity so your electricity bill will be less in comparison to other room heaters.

As soon you power on the heater inside rod start becoming dark orange and gives heating instantly. You can use it in a 150 sq ft space room. This product comes with tilted thermostat and legs where you can adjust according to your requirements.

If you live in an area where the temperature goes down very low then you need a Bajaj Minor Room Heater. It is small in size hence it will fit in less space. It uses power of 1000 watts and has good heating elements. It weights only 1.5 kgs so you can take anywhere around from one to another room very easily. It comes with ISI mark approved label with 2-year Standard Warranty.

This room heater comes with the following features which will give an idea before buying it:

  • Power consumption is only 1000 watts.
  • It comes with titled legs.
  • Has a 2-year warranty.
  • ISI approved.
  •  It has a nickel chrome plated mesh grid.
  • It also has a stainless steel reflector.
  • Works on 5A plug.


7) Starvin Laurels Rod Type Heater || Room Heater 


Again if you are looking at a best room heaters for a small size room then this will end your search here. It weighs only 1.40 kgs and this radiant heater can be moved anywhere in the room. If you are leaving on the north side of India or in a hilly area then this is the best radiant heater in India.

The power consumption is high in comparison to other radiant heaters with 2000Watts. It requires less space and can be fit anywhere in the room. It has tilted legs for better support. It is made up of nickel-chrome plated with a reflector inside it.

It comes with a 1-year warranty. Best for personal use and uses oxygen to produce heat, so using it for a long time is not advisable.

This room heater comes with the following features which will give an idea before buying it:

  • Best for personal heating.
  • It consumes more energy 2000 Watts.
  • It comes with a 1year warranty.
  • The coil may get damage.
  • Not good for big rooms.


Best Oil Filled Room Heater in India

8). Morphy Richards OFR 09F 2400-Watt Oil Filled Radiator

Morphy Richards OFR 9F - 9 Fin, 2400-Watt Oil Filled Radiator with PTC Fan Heater

If you are looking for Best room heaters in India having oil filled radiator then Morphy Richards OFR 09F Oil Filled Radiator will be your best bet.  First of all, it comes with the adjustable thermostat with silent in operation and it automatically switches it off when tilted more than a predetermined safe angel hence keeping it safe from fire and shock from any accidental fall.

It comes with castor wheels which makes it more mobility to move anywhere in the house from room to room. The company gives a power rating of 2400 Watts. So it consumes 2400 Watts of power. This heater can adjust room temperature with a built-in thermostat.

9 fins use ensures that no corner is left cold whether your room is big or small. It spread the warm air every corner of the room. It comes with a 2-year standard warranty. It weighs around 14 kgs, but you can easily move with the castor wheel and it also has a handle to move anywhere easily.

This room heater comes with the following features which will give an idea before buying it:

  • No suffocation or oxygen usage.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • 3 heat settings – 400 Watts, 2000 Watts, and 2400 Watts.
  • It takes time to give heat air.
  • Easy Carry Handle.
  • It also comes with Overheat protection.


9 Singer OFR 11 FINS 2900 Watts Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

Singer OFR 11 FINS 2900 Watts Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

Now if you still looking for oil filled radiator heater then Singer OFR 11 FINS 2900 Watts Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater is the best room heaters in India in every aspect. It comes with backfin cover for better protection. Singer OFR 11 Fins has so many safety measures that prevent rusts and have Oil Grade ED/HD 100 for better performance. It comes with a 2-years warranty.
Singer OFR 11 oil-filled radiator room heater also has a PTC fan to give faster room heating in compare with other oil-filled heaters. It has a 3-way heating system which heats up the room completely in a few minutes as soon as you switched it on.
It runs on 1700, 2400, and 2900 power Watts capacity to remain active and fast mode whenever the temperature drops. This heater also has castor wheels to carry anywhere easily. PTC fan make little bit noise while running but not that much. But you can sleep easily.
Singer OFR 11 fins come with a safety certificate of ISI label on it which makes safe buy for homes. It has three heating power options of how much warm air you need to use according to temperature. The heater has a 3-meter long copper cord with a cord storage compartment.

This room heater comes with the following features which will give an idea before buying it:

  • Quick Heating option with PTC Fan.
  • Overheat Protection.
  • Effective for smaller to mid-room size only.
  • It comes with warranty of 2 years.
  • Works on a 220-240 Power voltage.
  • ISI Marked.



Now, we have shown you many types of Best room heaters in India which are currently available on Amazon India. Now let’s discuss in detail how many types of room heater and which will be best suitable for you.



Radiant heaters are those heaters that run on infrared technology which does not heat its surrounding air. Radiant heater generally generates heat on people or on the object. So very small place or size of the room anyone have then radiant heaters are best for them.

So, electricity runs on a quartz tube or filament ribbon to produce heat on the object. They also heat up very quickly but as soon as power is off they become cool withing minutes.


These are the best heaters right now present in the market right now because they provide heat for a very long period of time. It does not burn oil to produce heat because many people will think that it burns oil to produce heat as the name suggests.

It is made for a big room size with more than 250 sq ft. It may cost high due to its more functionality and features. And it also does not burn oxygen in the room. So now anyone can sleep turning it on for whole night with doors and windows locked.


Now, if you want to use a heater in summer or monsoon season then this will be your best bet. As in the summer season, the Convection heater also works as a fan when the heating switch is turned off.

If you want to warm your entire room then convection heaters are designed to do that. They have PTC fans which blow the warm air in the entire room.

If there are several people or your room is big in size or you want to warm your whole room for several hours then you should buy convection heaters. They also come with an automatic ON/OFF system to control your room temperature. However, after shutting off convection heaters, warmed air will remain for a time.

Now how to choose room heater because we have discussed how many types of best room heaters in India are there which are good according to our needs.

How to Choose a Room Heater?

Now as winter is approaching and there are so many heaters available in market right now. Whether they are online or offline available to purchase. So if you are still confused about what points should we consider while buying room heater then below are the points we have discussed which might help you out while buying it.

Room Size:

As we know the room size matters a lot while purchasing a room heater. Radiant heaters are good for those who are sitting very close to heaters or only one or two-person want the heating. And it also not covers the whole room and best for a small size room.

Oil-filled heaters or fan heaters are best for the big or medium size room. But you should always check their power capacity while buying it because more the power or wattage more area it will cover to blow air in the room. Generally, they are best for room which is more than 250 sq ft of size.

There is a simple calculation when deciding the Best room heaters in India:

Wattage Required (approximate idea)= Room Area x 20

So, for 200 Sq. ft. room, the recommended wattage is 2000 W (200×10).


Heater power also plays an important role in heating. Higher wattage in the heater produces more heat. It also consumes more electricity as if you buy a 1200W heater and it runs for 1 hour then it will consume 1.2 unit of electricity. Whereas if you run 2500 watt heater will consume 2.5 units in one hour.

So higher the wattage higher will be your electricity bill. So it is always advisable to go with a variable wattage knob where you can adjust wattage according to your requirement.

Power Cord Length:

Always remember that the power cord should be more than 1.50 meters long. Because longer the power cord always keeps distance between the power plug and the location of your heater while checking the power cord length.

Noise Level:

If noise of room heater bothers you so much then you should always select no-noise room heaters that do not have fans. You can go with a radiant heater or oil filled heater with a fan. But oil-filled fans can make noise while using it. But it is bearable and hence you can sleep easily without any problem.





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