Drake breaks Tiktok’s billion-dollar record

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The hashtag #ToosieSlide goes through the roof, Victoria Beckham celebrates her birthday online – and other news from the world of the stars.

#ToosieSlide has set a record, as a Tiktok source tells TMZ.com. The hashtag for the new Drake song has reached a billion hits on the platform within two days and is the fastest music trend that has hit the billion mark on Tiktok. The first hashtag to get a billion hits there was Kylie Jenner-inspired #RiseandShine.

The d’Amelio family could soon be on TV: As Tiktok star Charlie d’Amelio tells “Entertainment Tonight”, a reality show with her family is planned: “It would be a lot of fun. People always say that our dynamics are pretty cool. » In addition to Mami Heidi (48) and sister Dixie (18), Papa Marc (51) would also be there.

While Charli only hints at the family format, her father reveals more. Marc chats at “Entertainment Tonight” that they are currently preparing a show: “We are currently planning the show, it happened very quickly. If we do that, we want to give it our all and we’re going to find a solution. » (April 18)

Kelly Osbourne (35) probably fell in love with Netflix. The singer shares two pictures on Instagram, in which she chose Amit Rahav (24), who plays the ultra-orthodox Yanky in the series “Unorthodox”. Shira Haas (24), who appears on the series as Yanky’s rebellious wife Esty, comments: “He is all yours.”



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