Indian Rupee Symbol 2020 Indian Currency Sign

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Indian Rupee Symbol officially rupee of India (भारत). The early pioneer of the money is The Silverpia – the rupee of 178-grain weights in northern India was reduced to its short order between 1540 and 1545 and the first Sher Shah Suri among the Mughal empire after adoption and standard.

Until the 20th century, the weight of the Mughals remained unchanged. However, Pakini stated that it is not clear whether he mentioned Sikka. For the first time, Emperor Chandragupta referred to the silver coins, the silver coins, which were written by the Chanka to Emperor Chandragupta Maury (C. 340-290 BC). Other types of coins, including gold coins (swarrank), copper coins (TMREPA) and sisa coins.

Rs or INR or you can say Indian rupees introduce its new symbol on 15th July 2010. The dollar, the pound or the sterling which has its own symbol now the Indian currency was also launched in as a new symbol that looks like a picture of the left. Union Cabinet minister choose new symbols through public voting. The logo was created by D Udaya Kumar, 31, from Anna University in Chennai and studied B architecture, followed by M Tech of Industrial Design Centre IIT Bombay, his Ph.D. and assistant professor he was later ready to join with IIT to join as an assistant professor.

The Unicode Consortium is not yet allowed in this Indian currency but within the next two years, the new money symbol will be available on your computer keyboard such as ‘$’. Although you may not need to wait long, Fordian Technologies, a Mangalo-based company, has come up with a solution.


Indian Rupee Symbol

Now if you are looking to download Indian Rupee Symbol from our site then you have to scroll down and you will find the download link below. During the 1970s, 20- and 50-year notes were introduced; more than 100 were demonetized in 1978. In 1987, the 500 euro note was introduced, followed by the 1,000 euro note in 2000, while the 1 and 2 notes were abandoned in 1995.

Now let’s discuss you have download file and want to use in word or another format then how will you use it we have covered each and everything below.

  1. Open Run from the start menu icon.
  2. Now type Charmap in the command and press the enter button.
  3. Go to Unicode box and type 20B9.
  4. Indian Rupees Symbol will be highlighted and you have to select it.
  5. Now click on Indian Rupees Symbol in the character box.
  6. Press ctrl+c and it will copy Rupees Symbol.
  7. Paste anywhere where you want to paste.

Unicode for Indian Rupee symbol

Govt of India rupee in Unicode in sign as U+20B9. While using Unicode software or software which supports Unicode type U+20B9 and Rupees Symbol will appear.

You can also use in Microsoft Word or any other word format to use it.

image result for Indian Rupee Symbol

Method To Type Indian Rupees Symbol In Microsoft Word

There are numerous method to use it in ms word. But we will discuss only some of them which are effective and can be used while typing.

Method 1

If Indian rupee is not or available on your Microsoft word then press Ctrl + Alt + 4 and you will see the icon.

Method 2

If you find the symbol then simply you have to press from your keyboard is Ctrl + Alt + ₹

Method 3

Now press ALT + X key when you type 20B9 from your keyboard and you will see the 20B9 will be removed from Indian New Currency Symbol.


I hope you like the method of how you can copy-paste the new currency symbol. If you feel that still your problem is not solved then please tell us in the comment section below. We will happy to help you or solve your problem.




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