Meghan only talks about elephants on TV

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Duchess Meghan has appeared on US TV for the first time since her resignation as a royal. Instead of the expected interview, there is a PR appearance.

In the ABC show “Good Morning America”, Duchess Meghan (38) was seen on TV for the first time on Monday after her resignation as Royal. While many initially expected a big revelation interview, it is now clear: With her appearance, Meghan just stirred the drum for the Disney + documentary “Elephant”.

Some sequences from the film can be seen in the two and a half minute article. Meghan, who has taken on the role of the speaker in the animal documentary, explains what her personal connection with elephants is.

Recorded months ago

She is lucky to have seen elephants in the wild. “If you take the time to connect yourself with them and other wild animals, you can feel that we play a role in their conservation and protection.”

Meghan is very impressed in the TV recordings and impressed by the huge animals. “They are so majestic and so sensitive at the same time.” According to “Good Morning America”, the conversation was recorded by Disney last summer. The film «Elephant» has been on Disney + since the beginning of April.


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