Wendler and Laura are engaged

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Even if the divorce with his ex is not yet off the table: pop singer Michael Wendler asked for the hand of his girlfriend, Laura.

I SAID YES”, she announces the message simultaneously on her Insta account.

The schedule is tight, everything is timed: a few minutes earlier, the television audience was able to find out about the engagement on RTL. “She says yes, she says yes, she says yes”, the Wendler sang theatrically into the TV camera. Laura squealed for joy between red balloons, proudly demonstrated her engagement ring and said: “Finally!”

Wedding in August?

Wendler had apparently planned the application for a long time. This did not escape his Laura either: When she was asked at Thursday’s “Let’s Dance” rehearsals where her lover was, she said with a wink: “Things are going on, maybe a surprise. He said he had to prepare something. »

It is not yet clear when marriage will take place. The «Bild» newspaper wants to know that the wedding will take place on August 3 in Las Vegas.

But there is still a catch: Wendler’s divorce from his ex Claudia (49), with whom he had been together for 30 years, has not yet been completed. “I wish them both everything, all the best,” she says in a friendly video message.



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